General resources related COVID issues, mandates, job options, and other helpful information.


Sites that offer multiple types of resources: - A legal team handling vaccine injuries, vaccine exemptions, civil rights lawsuits, and class action lawsuits. This group represented military members who were having difficulties obtaining religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate.
American Frontline Nurses - [Our] primary objective is to educate, equip and empower nurses, patients, and families to manage their healthcare, advocate for safe, ethical healthcare options, and to maintain an individual's medical freedom.
Freedom Travel Alliance - We are building a new ecosystem that respects the right to movement and travel without discrimination for all of our community members.
COVID-19 VACCINE REACTIONS: Contains many resources for COVID-19, including how to access VAERS injury data, forms, and help for vaccine mandates.
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General Information Resources
Updated: July 2, 2023