Batch Variations

12 Minutes

Steve Bannon interviews Naomi Wolf about her ongoing analysis of the 55,000 pages of internal documents released by Pfizer as a consequence of a recent court ruling. The video starts out with the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explaining the decision to use mRNA in the vaccines and his initial reservations.

At about the 5:20 time mark, Naomi Wolf reveals new information from insiders and particularly AMA documents that show how the ingredients differ for each batch code. There are specific medical codes (CPT) associated with the various batches, presumably because each should be used for specific patient situations. Yet these 'vaccines' are being administered in a "one size fits all" strategy.

She wonders if maybe we are undergoing one massive experiment to track the effects of various toxic component doses.

See more about her project to analyze the Pfizer documents (and more) at

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Posted: March 15, 2022