On these pages, you'll hear from the real experts in the fields of immunology, virology and patient care, not the wealthy investors and political appointees who own the patents and companies involved in the very treatments and services they are trying to mandate to everyone across the board.

There are people like the inventors of the technology being used for testing and the mRNA genetic therapy used in the so-called 'vaccines', both of whom have publicly said that their work is being grossly misused to deceive and harm the population. There are also many brave doctors and other health care providers who are risking their careers to warn the public of injuries and deaths being caused, intentionally it seems, to prop up the narrative and panic surrounding the whole COVID strategy.

These pages are updated with new information every few days. To see some of the recent additions, refer to the What's New list.

If you have not yet started to see the deceit that is being coordinated between big tech, big media, and government agencies, I suggest that before you dig into the information and exposés on these pages, you first take a look at the video at: Canadian Doctors Speak Out.

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Updated: May 18, 2024