Pandemic Origins

Following the clues to the source of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Redfield Testimony: Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield testifies to congress about how science was pushed aside in favor of politics during the early days of the COVID pandemic.
Watch the Water: Dr. Bryan Ardis traces the events that led him to reach a totally different conclusion about what has been going on with COVID-19.
Crimes or Cover-Up?: Glenn Beck goes deep into the corruption, treachery, and reasons behind the whole COVID-19 scam.
Moderna/NIAID Partnership: Glenn Beck reports on his investigation into a secret government partnership with Moderna and the Wuhan Lab.
Patent Evidence: The NIAID has a history of funding research that leads to biological patents filed just ahead of when the related disease outbreaks occur.
Google Funded Wuhan. Also bonus footage from the World Science Festival with some of the new gene therapy 'breakthroughs' we can look forward to.
Dr. Navarro explains how Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Created This Pandemic'.
Tucker Carlson examines the COVID-19 Origins Cover-up by various players, including many from the United States.
Gain-Of-Function Research: The EcoHealth Alliance Intelligence Collection Scam

February 17, 2022

Origin of Covid — Following the Clues: Did people or nature open Pandora's box at Wuhan? by Nicholas Wade. Exposes the politics and misdirection led by Peter Daszak and others. A long, but very thorough, investigation.
CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up: The CDC requires different standards when testing post-vaccinated patients for COVID.
Pandemic and Vaccine Compulsion Predicted in 2009: Jesse Ventura interviews a doctor who predicted compulsory vaccines as a result of a pandemic being planned for a depopulation effort.
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Updated: July 29, 2023