COVID-19 Research

Various research shedding light on the COVID-19 protocols, 'vaccines', mass vaccination programs, and treatments available.


Pfizer Fraud: Pfizer almost certainly committed fraud in their clinical test data reports to the FDA.
Vaccine Epidemiology: Research that investigates the effects of the COVID 'vaccines' across large populations.
Massive Collection: A huge collection of COVID-19 related resources.
Specific Vaccine Damage: How the COVID vaccines damage specific body components.
Vaccine Contaminants: Various scientists describe unidentifiable 'contaminants' found in the COVID 'vaccines'.
The Spartacus Letter: An extremely well thought-out and referenced investigation of the COVID-19 disease, treatments, vaccines, and related social issues.
Vaccinating Children: A paper from the journal Toxicology Reports that questions the sanity of giving COVID-19 'vaccinations' to children.
Face Masks: If you look at the actual science, you will find that masks are not only useless, they are worse than useless.
Pfizer's vaccine linked to Israeli Senior Deaths.
Natural Immunity: How natural immunity is better.
Treatments: Research involving various ways to treat COVID-19 and related conditions.
Trust the Science—Not the narrative.

Ever since the early days of the advertised pandemic, the mantra from mainstream media, government agency officials, big-tech oligarchs, and other totalitarians has been to "trust the science." This website allows you to do just that by offering a collection of links to articles and videos that examine the real science behind a number of Covid-related topics.

COVID immunity from natural infection is much stronger than anything induced by the 'vaccine'. - This has always been the case for any vaccination.
COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused More Deaths Instead of Reducing Them - A study from the RAND Corporation and the University of Southern California.
Had COVID? You'll probably make antibodies for a lifetime - from the journal Nature.
COVID Vaccines Linked to Prion Brain Degeneration Similar to Mad Cow Disease (May 15, 2021)
Faulty Research: A researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial.
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Updated: May 23, 2022