Self-Spreading Vaccines

Self-spreading vaccines are genetically engineered to spread through populations much like a communicable disease. Indeed, they are created by combining infectious germs with genetic material that commandeers your cells to produce something very similar to the disease they are designed to fight. The theory is that after these disease components are created, your body will then also create more components to neutralize them and, in so doing, create some immunity. I say theory because this is not something that has been tested by the manufacturers.

The novel thing about these agents is that after one subject is inoculated, they will in turn pass the same vaccine to others simply by being near them, much like they might pass on a cold or flu; no shots are needed at this point.

The upshot of this is that you cannot refuse the 'vaccine'. You will get it one way or another.

These self-spreading 'vaccines' have already been in use for a number of years to treat outbreaks in certain animal populations, and have been advocated for use in human populations as a next step.

While no one has officially stated that any of the COVID-19 vaccines are intentionally using this technology (their contents are "proprietary", after all), their general descriptions of the mechanism of action for many of the 'vaccines' and empirical observations of non-vaccinated people becoming ill after contact with those receiving the shots strongly suggest that this may be the case.

Again, the think tanks from Johns Hopkins University and others have published a number of papers and guidances on this topic, just in case any vaccine developers might have wanted to take the initiative and run with it.


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Posted: May 5, 2021
Updated: January 4, 2022