The Danger of Shedding

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Are Vaccines Harming More Than the "Vaxxed"?

by Lee D. Merritt MD

Dr. Merritt discusses the latest information that is known and suspected regarding persons who have contact with those who have received COVID-19 injections. She goes into warnings from both the FDA itself and its advisors of the possibility of transferring harmful agents from virus or bacteria-based gene therapies (VBGTs, or what people have been calling "vaccines") to untreated individuals.

The belief is (currently) that the shedding of non-virus particles such as spike proteins occurs via direct contact of bodily fluids (sweat, etc.), not an airborne/aerosol route. The FDA advisors recommend collection of samples from the treated individuals for more than 10 weeks until three consecutive weeks show no evidence of shedding.

From the article:

So, the idea of children infecting and hurting their grandparents is backwards. The elderly — many of whom are pressured into getting the vaccines — may actually shed harmful genetic agents onto their children and grandchildren, and these products may be affecting fertility by attaching to and damaging the ovaries.

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Posted: September 26, 2021
Updated: February 17, 2022