Riddleridge Cluster

The Riddleridge Cluster is is a group of three Wurm servers connected together. You can freely travel between each server by boat.

The focus of these servers is on exploration, building distinctive settlements, and trading between the citizenry. It is geared toward a relatively mature player base who want a relaxing, friendly, creative and immersive gaming experience.

There are no magical portals to spirit you around the world (except for the lift at the ski slopes), but we have been building strategic roads and designating shipping lanes, as well as having speedy mounts to help traverse some of the vast distances. (Note: If you have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you probably won't like it here.)

We think we have a good balance of skill development to suit these objectives and promote specialization and trading with other players while not consuming your life with excessive grinding:

Skill Gain Rate: 3x
Action Timer: 5x

New players may want to take advantage of our Work Orders system, allowing you to develop your skills (prior to striking out on your own) while earning cash and getting acquainted with the game and the local areas. See also: The starting town of Bridgeport.

While we try to keep server mods to a minimum for stability's and immersion's sake, there are quite a few that have been proven to be quite useful and make the game much more enjoyable. You can see them at: Server Mods

The server is managed by Brian, Deanna, and Margo who are generally very happy to assist and answer questions when they can.

Cluster Map:

(West of Riddleridge)
(East of Riddleridge)
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