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GeneralResources for political and politico-medical investigations.
  More Deadly Than ChernobylInvestigative reporter Eric Coppolino reports how the East Palestine catastrophe could be the worst environmental disaster in history.
  The Death of MedicineModern Medicine has succumbed to the ravages of time and political pressures.
  Alternate Information SourcesLists of alternative ways to obtain information via social networks, video platforms, and search engines.
  Social NetworkingA number of social media platforms. There are more than you might think.
  VideoSome popular alternative video platforms.
  Search EnginesWhere to find alternatives to Google.
    Specialized SearchesA list of some very specialized search engines.
  Social DystopiaThe first person to be legally declared to be 'non-binary' reflects on how the system failed him.
  Why People Hate TrumpA few of the reasons why Donald Trump is so hated.
  ImmigrationFlooding America with illegal immigrants.
  Climate Science
  About BrianSome information about Dr. Sutton.
The U.S. Constitution
  First Amendment
  Second Amendment
Human Trafficking
  Ukraine Child TradeA report on child sex and organ trafficking from the war torn regions of Ukraine.
  NewsguardRevolver News investigates the funding behind the notorious 'fact-checker' service, Newsguard.
  Censoring Private SpeechTucker discusses reports that the Biden Administration is investigating ways to censor private messages (i.e., phone texting) between individuals
  A Tale of Two MattressesA short story of censorship in a home setting.
Social Engineering
  Climate Change ExplainedPeople need to 'trust the experts', even though they have been proven horribly wrong over the past couple of years, in order for the Climate Change Agenda to proceed.
  Stone and Kubrick and PsyopsFilmmakers Sean Stone and Vivian Kubrick discuss their insights into the media psychological operations that are at the heart of the cultural decline.
  Destiny of HumanityAn explanation of the current world madness and what can be done to save human civilization.
  The Great ResetSome insights into what the 'Great Reset' is all about.
  Agenda 2030
  The NWO Testing GroundA great primer for the New World Order that is nearing completion.
  Mass PsychosisAn excellent explanation of Mass Psychosis and why it should be understood by people who value freedom.
  Mattias Desmet InterviewA professor of clinical psychology explains how populations become trapped in a mass hypnotic state, leading to irrational and destructive behaviors.
  Social Credit ScoreA trend in China, probably heading for the United States.
  Child Grooming
  Alpha-Gal SyndromeMeat allergies are on the rise, and why vaccines may be suspect.
  SymptomsSymptoms of Alpha-Gal Syndrome (Mammalian Meat Allergy).
  How It HappensThe causes of Alpha-Gal Syndrome (Mammalian Meat Allergy).
  Foods With Alpha-GalFoods that contain the alpha-gal sugar.
  What Else Contains Alpha-Gal?Medical products (including vaccines) contain alpha-gal sugars which can create meat allergies.
  COVID-19A link to the COVID-19 blog site.
  Electromagnetic Fields
  How EMFs Disrupt Your BodyResearch shows how EMFs disrupt normal physiology.
  ChemtrailsVarious perspectives on the chemtrail controversy.
    Chemtrail Contracts ExposedMaria Zeee reveals NOAA contracts with companies that are responsible for the chemtrails people see.
  Albert Sensor FraudPatrick Colbeck explains the potential fraud associated with the Center for Internet Security's management of real-time election data processing.
  There's a Reason WhyKate Dalley offers some very interesting perspectives of the 2022 mid-term elections.
  [S]Election CodeLawfare comes down hard on a County Clerk who discovers that the state is manipulating voting records.
  CNN Exposes VulnerabilitiesThree years before the 2020 election, CNN revealed how easy our elections can be hacked.
  Kari Lake LawsuitThe lawsuit contesting the 2022 election in Arizona.
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