Alpha-Gal Syndrome
"Mammalian Meat Allergy" (MMA)

Alpha-Gal: 12 Minutes

Surely you have heard by now that the Guardians of Humanity (Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, etc.) have been saying that humans will soon be eating insects instead of red meat and other traditional protein sources.

But wait, you say... "I'm not going to give up my steaks and beef burgers!" Ah, but what will you do when you become allergic to meat?

It hasn't been well publicized, but since about 2009 there has been a surge in the number of people with meat allergies. And recent findings suggest that the trend will be accelerating. The situation is that newer vaccines contain a substance that can trigger an allergy to meats, so much so that in some cases they can experience life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.

Do you remember the sudden increase in peanut allergies that followed vaccinations containing trace amounts of peanut proteins? It's a very similar type of situation, but on a much larger scale.



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Alpha-Gal Syndrome
Posted: August 9, 2023