Ukraine Child Trade

Report by Christelle Néant

Organ Trafficking, Paedophile Networks — The Hell Of Children Abducted by Ukraine

Donbass Insider investigator Christelle Néant reveals an extensive child sex and organ trafficking network that she has uncovered originating from Ukraine but extending worldwide. Traffickers take advantage of the general chaos and breakdown of legal structure in cities affected by the war to abduct children and whisk them away before anyone realizes it.

She relates how Ukrainian 'units' such as one known as the "White Angels" will visit a school, claim some of the children's parents had been killed, and escort the children away to a 'shelter'. The children are then sold for sex in other countries (such as Great Britain and Poland) or to have their organs harvested for medical transplant recipients.

Christelle asserts that Ukrainian officials are complicit, and are profiting from the arrangement.

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Posted: September 23, 2023