Destiny of Humanity

2 Hours 28 Minutes

This is an absolutely AWESOME interview with the great David Icke, whom by my estimation is a genius in his field.

He takes his decades of experience in exposing the globalist agenda and beyond to give you clear and logical explanations of what you see going on around you in a world that no longer makes sense to most people. He explains such things as the neuro-psychological phenomenon that causes people to be unable to recognize truth that is staring them in the face and concurrently being explained by friends and neighbors.

He delves into how years of preparation have laid the foundation for a fundamental transformation of human society and explains what the end result will soon look like if people continue to cooperate.

Whether you believe his world view to be literal or allegorical, the predictions he's made based on his observations have been spot on over the years. He gives a rather simple prescription for how to stop the madness, and dire predictions for humanity if it is is allowed to continue to its logical conclusion.

This is a MUST SEE for anyone who wants to understand. If your own personal religious views (or lack thereof) may differ in specific areas from those presented in some of the examples given here, don't let that prevent you from understanding basic principles explaining the overarching threat to human civilization that you've surely seen being carried out before your very eyes recently.

Note: The conversation is uninterrupted by commercials, which are instead played before the interview starts. The basic video begins at the 12:30 time frame with a rather amusing introduction of the topic, with the actual interview starting at the 15:00 mark.

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Posted: October 1, 2022