Virus Testing

Insights into COVID-19 testing procedures and reliability.

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CDC, FDA Faked 'Covid' Testing Protocol by Using Human Cells Mixed With Common Cold Virus Fragments

This article examines the FDA's description of how the RT-PCR test was assessed for accuracy. (Hint: It wasn't by using an isolated COVID-19 virus.)


COVID-19 and the PCR Test — No Pandemic, only Junk Data!

This article from The Vox Post exposes the junk science behind COVID PCR testing and how the test is being manipulated to produce the desired 'evidence', bypassing standard medical diagnostic procedures.

From the article: "There's a false positive PCR pandemic, not a Covid pandemic."


The PCR Test for COVID-19 is a Massive Scam

This short article presents information from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and also statements from the developer of the PCR test that indicate that the test being used throughout 2021 is worthless for diagnosing a COVID-19 infection.

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Dr. Kaufman Exposes COVID Tyranny

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD, discusses the manipulation of information relative to the COVID-19 hysteria. He goes into the details of why the PCR test is invalid, and then explains how the different 'variants' are defined and the fallacies associated.

Finally, he discusses court rulings on mandates for experimental treatments and the Nuremberg Code.

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Virus Testing
Posted: July 7, 2021
Updated: March 13, 2022