Multiple Sclerosis

17 Minutes

In this video, Dr. John Campbell explains recent findings reported by the World Health Organization that the COVID-19 mRNA 'vaccines' can induce new cases of Multiple Sclerosis, and describes the physiological mechanisms involved.

Dr. Campbell discusses the neurophysiology impacted by Multiple Sclerosis, and describes how the spike proteins break down the protective myelin sheath on nerves, leading to the disorder. He also supplies some background immunological principles to help you understand the process.

In a nutshell, he explains that the spike proteins created by the vaccine have enough similarities to the myelin sheath structure so that once the immune system is programmed, both the spike proteins and the myelin sheath are attacked. This, in turn, results in Multiple Sclerosis in the patient.

It has been estimated that the shots are responsible for about 25,000 new cases.

Note that after this report was released, there was a flurry of supposed 'fact checks' that ruled this W.H.O. report as false on the basis that even though the result has been seen in some patients and the mechanism of action is described in this paper, that there is not enough definitive proof (by some unnamed standard) to grant any credence to the study or even justify taking a closer look.

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Posted: September 13, 2023