Dangerous Therapy

46 Minutes

Dr. Steven Greer, MD, put together this excellent interview of two top researchers to describe the latest information known about the mRNA gene therapy injections touted for COVID-19 and other conditions.

His guests are:

This very informative video is focused on Mckernan's discovery of large amounts of foreign DNA packaged in the liposomes delivered by the 'vaccines' that are then snuck into the interior of human cells after inoculation.

Dr. Bhakdi explains in layman's terms (though having some medical education does help) how these DNA strands will create foreign proteins that lead to an immune response that devastates normal body structures, leading to the clots and sloughing off of blood vessel linings that have been seen on so many autopsies, among other effects.

Dr. Bhakdi is very insistent that these experimental shots "must be stopped on the spot" for both human and animal treatments. Note that the mRNA technology is now promoted for many other conditions such as RSV, influenza, etc.

The basic message of these researchers is that no real testing or research has been done into mRNA injections into humans where animal and bacteria DNA is being transferred to the interior of our cells, and that the consequences could be devastating.

If you have trouble accessing this video, it can also be found at:

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Posted: June 14, 2023