W.H.O. Control

13 Minutes

Tucker Carlson reports on the imminent takeover of U.S. health policy by the World Health Organization. This is a very good explanation of the implications of this change, taking place at the time of this writing.

The Biden Administration has requested specific changes to the International Health Regulation treaty that will transfer authority of US health decisions to the WHO. These changes eliminate the middleman, i.e. the U.S. government, in deciding what responses must be taken to future pandemics and 'other health emergencies'. The kicker is that the WHO gets to decide what is a pandemic or health emergency, when they begin, and when (if ever) they end.

While the change is advertised as applying to 'pandemics' such as COVID-19 only, the legal wording is open ended enough to apply to virtually anything that can be construed (by the WHO) as having public health implications.

Note that Article 6 of the US Constitution requires that states be subservient to treaties enacted by the federal government.

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Posted: May 22, 2022