Foreign Structures in Blood

Part 1: 20 Minutes

Mike Adams discusses the investigations he and others have been doing into a strange and very alarming phenomenon encountered by embalmers.

When trying to push embalming fluid into the bodies of recently and suddenly deceased individuals to prepare them for funerals and burial, they are finding very unusual blockages that require them to cut open major blood vessels to clean them out. These are not blood clots, and are not necessarily happening in aged individuals.

Mike speaks with an embalmer, an emergency room doctor, and Dr. Jane Ruby to try to shed some light on the situation. He has obtained some of these specimens, and uses one of his laboratory's microscopes to share microscopic images of the objects.

Of course, this could easily be an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Mr. Hirschman at the behest of the vaccine companies or one of their allies in an attempt do discredit people who question the vaccines; certainly, that sort of thing has happened before. But if that's the case, it should become evident relatively soon as people try to confirm his findings with other professionals.

Participants in these videos:

This is a multi-part story, spread out over a 3 hour show. In addition to the link above, see:


If you don't want to sit through the videos, there is a verbose write-up of these findings, with photos, on the Natural News website.

5 Minutes

Or, take a look at this quick summary by Greg Reese.

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Specific Vaccine Damage Foreign Structures in Blood
Posted: June 13, 2022
Updated: June 16, 2022