Watch the Water

47 Minutes

Dr. Bryan Ardis traces the events that led him to reach a totally different conclusion about what has been going on with COVID-19. He gives a very thorough explanation of the events and research that he believes point to deaths, blamed on COVID, actually being caused by an intentional poisoning of the population.

Obviously, this 47 minute film can't answer all the questions that might arise from this theory, but some of his arguments are quite compelling and certainly make more sense than the obvious lies we have been fed from the start.

This film is very well done and has been released on many platforms simultaneously in an attempt to protect Dr. Ardis from severe reprisals.

17 Minutes

See also: An interview with the man who edited, researched, and verified the information presented in the above film.

Nicolas Stumphauzer gives some great information about what it takes to create an informative and unbiased documentary, as well as some of the insights he gained from working on this film.

40 Minutes

Dr. Fleming responds.

Dr. Richard Fleming points out some issues he has with Dr. Ardis' statements. He believe that Ardis is very well-intentioned, but is being used by others to misdirect the conversation. He gets a littly technical by necessity, but this is a great example of how scientific controversies can be discussed in a professional and courteous manner.

In the hour previous to this interview, Dr. Ardis refined some of his arguments. I don't believe Dr. Fleming had the benefit seeing that interview, unfortunately.

A bit more: From Snakes to Spike Protein to Injections: Some Things to Consider

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Posted: April 12, 2022
Updated: April 15, 2022