It's Not Over

62 Minutes

Did you think that the social changes resulting from COVID-19 are winding down, and that things will soon be getting back to normal? Think again.

The COVID-19 hysteria is just a small part of a plan that has been steadily unfolding for decades. It is not stopping now, not in the least; any appearance to that effect is part of the process. The people guiding these changes are zealots who have been planning the steps meticulously.

In this video, David Icke describes a lecture given by the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Richard Day, back in 1969. Before his presentation, he asked the attendees to not take notes and to make no recordings of what he was about to say, fearing repercussions since he would be discussing insider knowledge. But he did want his colleagues to have an idea of what was coming, so they could be better prepared.

Here are some of the things he said were part of the plan, as recalled by one of the attendees at this meeting of March 20, 1969:

According to Icke, "We are going to have challenges coming to us like machine-gun fire."

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The Grand Design
Posted: April 10, 2022
Updated: April 12, 2022