Why Are We Vaccinating Children?

PDF Paper

This is a paper that questions the benefits versus the risks of COVID-19 inoculations, especially relating to children.

From the Abstract:

Most importantly, the clinical trials did not address long-term effects that, if serious, would be borne by children/adolescents for potentially decades.

A novel best-case scenario cost-benefit analysis showed very conservatively that there are five times the number of deaths attributable to each inoculation vs those attributable to COVID-19 in the most vulnerable 65+ demographic.

The risk of death from COVID-19 decreases drastically as age decreases, and the longer-term effects of the inoculations on lower age groups will increase their risk-benefit ratio, perhaps substantially.

Put another way: If we can save just one life, is it worth killing five others?

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Vaccinating Children
Posted: September 26, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022