Life Insurers

1 Hour, 32 Minutes

In this Free & Brave PT 2: Session 5 message hosted by the Church of Glad Tidings, Dr. David Martin discusses his work from the last few decades, investigating patents, legislation, ad campaigns, and other events that has led him to conclude that Life Insurance companies have been pulling strings behind-the-scenes to influence the politics, health systems, and life termination strategies employed in our country over the years.

These have not been for the benefit of the general population.

From designing methods to underpay ministers to saving New York insurance companies' bottom line by working with Andrew Cuomo to eliminate the impending liabilities regarding retirees in nursing homes, Dr. Martin lays out some surprising findings.

I personally find it difficult to believe that that only greed could account for everything he discusses here, but he makes some very persuasive points.

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The Grand Design
Posted: October 9, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022