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71% of hospitalizations are for fully-vaccinated individuals.

This is a stunningly candid report from the Department of Defense's Project Salus, an artifical intelligence data analytics platform that performed a study of 5.6 million medicare beneficiaries. The study was done in conjunction with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center in an effort to better understand the data associated with COVID 'vaccinations'.

The web page I've linked here is to an examination of the results by Mike Adams, who can explain these findings better than I can, but essentially the data show that not only do the 'vaccines' not work, it looks like they are causing the surge of injuries that we are seeing now and are likely to see on a larger scale this winter.

After the first few of weeks, in turns out that more 'vaccinated' individuals are hospitalized than those who have had none of the shots.

See also: Immune Disruption

The DoD's power point presentation of this data can be viewed here.

If you prefer to see the explanation in video form, click here.

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Posted: October 3, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022