How the Blood is Affected

33 Minutes

Dr. Richard Fleming and colleagues performed some simple, easily repeatable tests under a microscope of the Pfizer vaccine and how it interacts with the blood under a microscope.

They saw some rather startling, nearly immediate effects such as the red blood cells losing their ability to carry oxygen, and clots being formed as they watched. Findings such as these could easily explain many of the thousands of injuries that have been reported to the government vaccine injury database. While the vaccines are not intended to go into the bloodstream, numerous studies have shown that they do indeed make their way there, either by accidental injection into a blood vessel or by gradual migration from the injection site.

Dr. Fleming did not see what others have reported to resemble parasites, eggs, and graphene strands; however the video does show large quantities of what he refers to as unacceptable garbage, with no suggestion of what the exact nature might be.

He challenges others to repeat his tests, to see for themselves what is shown in this video.

What they did:

Their conclusions:

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Specific Vaccine Damage
Posted: October 26, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022