Refutal of Virology

22 Minutes

November 9, 2021

A video by Ekaterina Sugak, naturopath and researcher, that explains recent work of seismic consequences by German microbiologist Stefan Lanka.

She explains how the whole of virology has been built upon false information.

The video starts with an explanation of how a germ is normally associated with a disease process. However, virologists have gone their own direction in this regard, by redefining terms such as isolation, a word that for the rest of microbiology means "separating the germ from any unrelated components."

Virology has somehow completely changed the meaning of the term, much like other definitions have changed in recent times, i.e. gay, vaccine, and now even woman.

Stefan Lanka conducted some experiments that duplicate how the COVID-19 virus has been 'isolated', but with the additional step of testing known virus-free samples. In short, he found identical results, meaning that you can get the same genetic material without needing any virus infection. This is a big deal.

What is really amazing is that no one has done this work before; the traditional methods have been in place for a very long time, even though there were some early indications that they were invalid.

As an interesting side note, Stefan Lanka is the same microbiologist who, a few years back, defended a lawsuit all the way up to the German High Court where it was ruled that the Measles Virus has not been proven to exist.

One would have expected that result to receive a lot of notariety, but no one seems to talk about it.

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