The Answer, Live

3 Hours

In this presentation recorded live in September 2020, David Icke puts together the sum total of his 30 years of following the globalist movement to answer the question on most people's lips today, i.e. "What the Hell is Going On?"

He has surprised people for the accuracy of his predictions over the years. The trick to seeming like a genius, he says, "is seeing the simple hidden by complexity." In this video, he does indeed show the simplicity behind the seemingly mass of disconnected events that have been leading us to the current point in history, and to the not-too-distant future.

This is a very engrossing presentation that will turn on many mental light bulbs in the viewers as they start to realize how so many different events are part of an overall movement. This is something you'll want to find a comfortable chair and settle down to watch as you would an epic movie.

His insights are impressive. You may have seen portions of this talk in various clips around the internet.

One of the points that David emphasizes is: Know the destination, and the journey makes sense.

With a little study of history and observation of those leading the journey, here's the destination he predicts:

Anyone paying attention over the past year will recognize that this is quickly coming to pass:

  1. The media and big tech are idolizing an elite few (Anthony Fauci, the Obamas, Jack Dorsey, George Soros, WHO officials, etc.) and denigrating anyone who differs from their positions.
  2. You've already seen the calls to defund local police bureaus, and heard talk about creating a national police force to replace them.
  3. The push to eliminate local businesses and independent entrepreneurs, to be replaced by giant corporations (Amazon, etc.) is already well on its way, aided by the government paying people to not work, causing business shutdowns all across the country.
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The Grand Design
Posted: July 23, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022