No Virus to be Found

53 Minutes

December 2, 2021

Christine Massey has been submitting FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act requests) and comparable requests to institutions around the world, asking for valid evidence that the COVID-19 virus has been scientifically isolated. For all the talk and assertions that many COVID-19 isolations have been prepared, not one institution or government agency has been able to produce one that is a true isolation and not thoroughly contaminated with untold amounts of biological garbage.

In addition, after expanding her requests to other known viruses, she contends that this same situation has been going on for many years with many others.

This is an interview with Mike Adams, who himself runs a strict food-testing facility, and the conversation evolves into an eye-opening discussion of the rampant fraud and incompetence in the entire biological testing industry.

For a more detailed explanation of what virologists try to pass off as isolation, see: Refutal of Virology

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Does The Virus Exist?
Posted: December 13, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022