$500 Trillion Lawsuit

17 Minutes

Scott Workman describes the ambitious lawsuit his group Friends of the Original Constitution is bringing against a huge number of individuals and organizations, "To take back what they have stolen from us, in addition to treason, fraud, murder, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, pedophilia, sex trafficking, slavery, and kidnapping."

And more.

Named in the lawsuit:

and "many more".

They plan more than just a lawsuit. Those who have been waiting for somebody to step up and take action will be interested in this.

I know nothing about Scott Workman or his organization, and their web site has been extremely slow as I write this. I suspect it is overwhelmed.

My second thought, just after "this is long overdue", was to wonder if this could be a new version of The Hundred Flowers Campaign from Mao's playbook. The elites seem to like using Mao's tactics. But I suppose the NSA already has all they would need for that.

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Posted: August 5, 2021
Updated: January 3, 2022