Riddleridge Cluster

What's New:

Another server is in the works! Tentatively named Riverland. This map is 4096 x 4096 tiles (four times the area of Riddleridge or Watercrest) and features a number of rivers and geographic zones. Trees are distributed in climates best suited to their adaptations; cedar trees are the only ones found in all zones.

The northeast is a frozen tundra, where resources are few and it will take every bit of determination to scratch out an existance.

The central temporate zone has a wide variety of landscapes, with a central mountain area with snow-capped peaks dominating the views. The terrain is typical of mature worlds, with gentle slopes overall but large rivers and gorges that have eroded over the centuries. Deciduous trees predominate, with firs and pines at the higher elevations, just below the permafrost and tundra areas.

To the south you will find deserts and, at the very southern edge, swamps. Olive, lemon and orange trees grow well in the warm climate, with the southeast being particulary well suited for citrus groves.

To get a better understanding of the size of this new world, take a look at this map comparison of Riddleridge to the new server.

The Path of Libila. Travel it if you dare.

Deanna gets tricked.

Deanna investigated an ominous gravestone across the water from Port Concord, and was turned into a skeleton.

No guts, no glory.

A foggy day on the water. At least the white light can still be seen.
A suprise attack by a black dragon hatchling near Marble Mountain turned out to be lucky happenstance for Dee, as she wound up with a set of drakehide armour as a result.
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