How EMFs Disrupt Your Body

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In the video at the link to the right, Professor Pall discusses recent findings on the mechanisms in play for how electromagnetic fields interact with the human body, causing functional disruptions.

The popular notion held by those creating safety standards today is that the only way biological systems can be affected by EMF radiation is if it causes some kind of heat generation that damages tissues. In my opinion, people who take this position should be immediately dismissed as morons.

Do they think that photosynthesis merely results from the plant leaf heating up? Or that you get an image from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) soley from heat generation?

A basic principle of physics holds that in order for radiation to be stopped or absorbed by a material, there has to be some kind of interaction. While heat generation (i.e., increasing the Brownian Motion of the molecules) is very common, there are also others, such as stripping off electrons to allowing new molecules to form (photosynthesis) or raising electron energies to lead to a subsequent energy emission used to generate an image (MRI).

The professor discusses how EMFs interact with the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels(VGCC) cell mechanism. The VGCC mechanisms has been understood for years and is taught in medical college physiology courses, most often in relation to how nerve and muscle cells work. I will attempt to briefly describe them here to give you a better understanding of what he's talking about:

This image depicts a portion of a cell membrane of, for example, a nerve cell. Nerves conduct tiny electrical charges by controlling the amount of calcium ions inside. Without getting into too much detail here, these cells have a function called a calcium pump (not shown) which pushes calcium ions out of the interior of the cell into the surrounding fluids. The bright green structure marked α1 is the channel that blocks calcium re-entry into the cell.

However, when activated by a voltage change (such as from a nerve impluse traveling through the cell) this channel opens up and calcium ions rush in, causing a positive charge that reinforces the impulse which then continues traveling down the nerve, analagous to a ripple moving along the top of a body of water.

As discussed in the video linked above, low powered EMFs also appear to have the ability to open up this channel, causing abnormal activation and/or exhaustion of the nerve function.

Since the human nervous system controls or is involved with nearly every physiological function of the body, this has far-reaching implications.

Image from Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels article by Willian A. Catterall.

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Electromagnetic Fields
Posted: March 29, 2023
Updated: March 30, 2023