The Great Reset

The Great Reset is a push to change the world's economic and social structure into a one-size-fits-all system that is controlled by a small group of 'elites' who will supposedly decide what is in everyone's best interests.

Here are three videos of Steve Bannon's interview with one of the biggest critics of the Great Reset to discuss who is behind the push and why.

It's interesting to see how many different people have been reaching the same conclusions. There is a lot packed into these few minutes of videos that can't be fully explained in the time available; the best you can probably hope for is to be exposed to some of the information that will give you a little context for some of the things you may have been hearing.

Also discussed are some of the heavy-handed tactics being used to silence critics.


15 Minutes

Jones Interview, Part 1

12 Minutes

Jones Interview, Part 2

14 Minutes

Jones Interview, Part 3

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Posted: July 23, 2022