Many health professionals and scientists are very alarmed about the current vaccination strategies being promoted. Here are a few, with explanations of their concerns.

Employee Replacements may be needed.
Self Spreading Vaccines Pose Multiple Risks to Our Society - Natural News.
Protocol document from Pfizer Suggests Shedding of the 'vaccine' contents.
Spike Protein Deaths Ahead: Up to 50 million.
Stay Away from people who have had the 'vaccine'.
"We made a Big Mistake". An immunologist reports how it's been discovered, too late, that the spike proteins from mRNA vaccines are unexpectedly getting into the bloodstream and causing damage to the brain and cardiovascular system.
Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize Winner, warns that current 'vaccines' facilitate development of deadlier COVID variants (much like Dr. Bossche), and is urging the public to reject the injections.
Dr. Charles Hoffe talks about the neurological problems he is seeing on his patients after the Moderna shot.
Transmission From Shots: A panel discussion by experts who have been investigating the alarming reports of miscarriages, menstrual issues, male fertility dysfunction, and other reproductive problems among unvaccinated individuals who have been around people who have received COVID shots.
Dr. Bossche is a vaccine researcher who argues that these COVID-19 vaccines should not be used in the middle of this pandemic. He warns that these inoculations will lead to to more serious infections for humanity as a whole via an immunological concept known as Immune Escape.

Del Bigtree explains Dr. Bossche's concerns in his video, A Coming COVID Catastrophe.

Dr. Tenpenny describes the mechanism of AntibodyDependent Enhancement and the concept of Trojan Horse seeding.
A Belgium journalist explains why the Children's Defense Network is protesting the deployment of COVID vaccinations in Europe.
Dr. Merrit delves into the similarities between the new vaccines and biological warfare, from the perspective of someone who has studied both.
Professor Cahill on how the vaccines may permanently turn your cells into genetically modified organisms, and why there's no way to undo it.
Why Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is urging people everywhere to avoid the COVID-19 injection at all costs.
Warnings from Doctors: Doctor after doctor with very serious warnings about the COVID-19 'vaccinations'.
David Sorensen from Stop World Control in a very well-done video that will give you a deeper understanding of what may seem like random events in the very unfortunate year of 2020, and what to expect for 2021.
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