General Information

In this section you will find general information about the COVID-19 vaccinations, much of which is not readily available from most public outlets.

Vaccine Types: A handy reference to the major 'vaccines' and their classifications.
Dr. Ryan Cole gives an update to Idaho lawmakers on the current state of COVID-19 knowledge from a clinician's standpoint.
Dr. Gold of America's Frontline Doctors discusses the experimental nature of the vaccines, and the suspicious regard held by minorities. Also, she gives her group's recommendations of whom should and should not receive a vaccine.
Professor David Martin gives you details on legal definitions and ramifications of the vaccine and concepts you should really understand before signing up for the shot.
Dr. Hotze offers a great summary of some of the points made by many others.

For a discussion fetus cell inclusion into vaccines in general, please see: Fetal Cells

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Last Updated: April 22, 2021