The Truth (and Lies) about Coronavirus

Primary Author: David Williams, MD

Revised April 23 with updates to section regarding COVID-19 deaths and the addendum.

This is being written on April 19, 2020. Although there is a central author, it is being written on behalf of multiple physicians in West Alabama and will be distributed through multiple medical offices. Between us we have well over a hundred years of practice and have treated hundreds of thousands of patients suffering infectious diseases. Including mission trips we have treated patients on five continents. We planned this date for several reasons.

First, most of our patients now realize there is something "funny" about the coverage and handling of this disease.

Secondly, if it wasn't being handled differently by April 19, we knew it would take action from us and our patients to change that handling.

Finally, we were told in March by our state officials that experts predicted New York, Florida, Texas, and Alabama were projected to have the median most fatalities from the COVID-19 outbreak with the peak in Alabama expected to be April 19. On this date, Alabama was supposed to be on pace for 5,516 deaths and be short over 21,000 hospital beds.

The information just listed, and every piece of information discussed below, can be verified with a quick internet search. Many of the sources will be directly referenced. So here goes:



Editor's Note: I have organized Dr. Williams' paper into sections and paragraphs for readability on the web, but otherwise have not changed the content. The original article was at but when I checked on March 24, 2021, it was no longer there but looked like an update may be coming.

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