To Whom Do You Trust Your Health?

Whom should you really trust to guide you to stay healthy during these times? The following is a comparison of opposing opinions on a number of COVID-19 related subjects.

There are basically two opposing camps that consist of the following members:
  • Politicians
  • Political Heath "Experts" (Most of whom have not practiced medicine for decades, if ever.)
  • Big Tech Executives and Activists
  • Big Media Organizations
  • Activist 'Journalists'
  • Serious Scientists
  • Practicing Physicians
  • Published Research
  • Whistleblowers Risking Their Careers to Inform You

What these people have been saying has been demonstrably wrong nearly every time, and puts everyone at risk.

It's almost as if their aim is to make the situation worse instead of helping.

In brief, the preponderance of science shows that:
  • Masks are basically useless, and may even be harmful.
  • You are safer outdoors, in fresh air and sunshine, than cooped up inside.
  • The elderly, especially with multiple health problems, are at highest risk, mainly because an infection of any kind that gets a foothold can kill them.
  • Lockdowns won't fix the problem.
  • The majority of COVID-19 tests being used are worthless.
  • Medical practitioners, researchers, and other scientists should be allowed, even encouraged, to report their discoveries and experiences.

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Whom Do You Trust?
Last Updated: March 04, 2021