Chemtrail Contracts Exposed

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Chemtrails: The Smoking Gun.
Geoengineering Contracts Exposed


In this June 7, 2023 video, Maria Zeee uncovers the evidence that has been hidden in plain sight on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) government web site.

While there has been much media agreement that these projects should be done to combat 'global warming' (i.e., Bill Gates' block out the sun initiative), those who maintain that it has already started have been stymied and ridiculed because of the difficulty in finding out:

This investigation reveals many of these answers. "The evidence is irrefutable."

The above is a 200 year contract between NOAA and the company Make Sunsets, a firm that seeks to fulfill Gates' dream of blocking out sunlight (i.e., Solar Radiation Management) by dumping megatons of various (many toxic) chemicals into the earth's atmosphere, covering the entire surface area of the earth.

There are contracts with other companies as well. In this video, Maria tells you how to find them yourself. Most of the others that she discusses are from county governments and utility companies that wish to increase the rain and snow in their local area (via silver iodide seeding, for example), presumably at the expense of other communities downwind.

Many believe that civilian airlines and military aircraft are also involved. So far, those connections are elusive, though she may have more information in a subsequent investigation.

The above video link will probably be archived at some point. If you have difficulty finding it, it is also available at

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Posted: June 6, 2023
Updated: June 7, 2023