More Deadly Than Chernobyl

29 Minutes

Mike Adams interviews investigative reporter Eric Coppolino about the situation in East Palestine, Ohio. Coppolino has spent 40 years researching dioxins, and has some very dire predictions of the implications of that 'controlled burn' officials were so quick to implement.

Adams and Coppolino describe how the simple molecule vinyl chloride molecule (contained in many of the cars in that derailment) becomes insanely toxic when burned. This combustion (performed intentionally at the crash site) produces, among other things, a persistant, biocumulative toxin: a chemical poison that does not decompose, and accumulates throughout the various stages of the food chain.

Unlike the disaster at Chernobyl, where the resultant radiation decays over time, these toxins do not leave the environment and exert their damage in miniscule concentrations. This interview is very informative and reveals a lot of information that has not been reported to this point.

Coppolino's message to people in East Palestine and the surrounding areas: GET OUT!

"We're looking at multi-generational effects." This is assuming reproduction is even possible for the affected individuals.

Effects will not be limited to those areas near the derailment site; because of the wind currents and water drainage into the Ohio river systems, farming areas, and food distribution networks, it can potentially affect everyone in the country and beyond.

Warning: This information is extremely alarming and disturbing.

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Posted: February 21, 2023
Updated: February 22, 2023