There's a Reason Why

38 Minutes

Kate Dalley offers some very interesting perspectives of the 2022 mid-term elections. She explains how nothing has changed since the 2020 election, and the ways our attitudes and political scene is being manipulated.

We already know that razor-thin margins we see every election are nearly impossible to achieve, given the political make-up of the various regions of the country. In this video, she discusses have the elections are just for show, much as a World Wrestling Entertainment match, and the reasons for directing the outcomes to the left or right (politically), depending on how they want to manipulate the population. For each outcome, there is a specific purpose in mind.

She also offers some actions people can take to break out of the mind game.

The last portion of the video is an interview with Mikki Willis about his upcoming film, PLANDEMIC 3: The Great Awakening, which delves deeper into the roots of the globalist agenda and how it has progressed according to plan over the last few decades.

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Posted: November 9, 2022