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A medical student, 21, died a day after getting J&J vaccine.

John Foley received the shot on Saturday morning, and began feeling ill. He was found dead Sunday morning, apparently having passed away in his sleep.

April, 2021

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A young girl was rushed to the hospital after chest pain an left-side paralysis after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. She subsequently had eight seizures over two days, with no prior history of seizures. As of this writing, she is still hanging on.

April, 2021

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Young people are dying following the experimental Johnson and Johnson COVID injections.

From March, 2021.

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A Kansas City woman suffers an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine and dies shortly afterward.

March 24, 2021.

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A 27 year-old nurse from the country of Georgia who went into anaphylactic shock after receiving the first dose of the British AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has died.

March 21, 2021

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A 31-year-old Italian professor died 2 weeks after the AstraZeneca shot from a stroke, thought to be related to blood clotting issues resulting from the vaccine.

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The news report's headline says "ME says vaccine not cause of Utah woman's death", but if you look at the story, that's very misleading. A vaccine is almost never listed as a cause of death, and even an autopsy is unlikely to point to it.

According to Utah's chief Medical Examiner, he could think of only one instance where you would see a vaccine as the cause of death on an official autopsy report, and that would be in an immediate case of anaphylaxis — one where a person received the vaccine and died almost instantaneously. Otherwise, an autopsy might rule out other underlying disease that might make the vaccine suspect, but even then it wouldn't be listed as the cause of death.

If you read the story, you would be hard pressed to blame her death on anything else, especially in the absence of any other health issues.

From her Obituary:

Kassidi Lyn Kurill Born November 18, 1981, passed away on February 5, 2021, from apparent complications due to the 2nd Covid-19 vaccination.
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