Israeli Senior Deaths


MRNA Vaccine Death Rate for Israel's Elderly

Pfizer's vaccine killed 'about 40 times more (elderly) people' than 'what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame,' according to this study reported by LifeSiteNews.

Instead of the vaccine saving lives, this article suggests that older patients getting the Pfizer vaccine are dying at an alarmingly high rate, at least in Israel, and particularly within the first 4 days after the initial dose. The study looked at existing data, but specifically for the three week period between vaccine doses and does not include deaths due to longer term effects that may occur.

The authors of this study contend that the proof of vaccine safety and effectiveness is flawed, and point to conflicts of interest and fear of legal repercussions for how the trials were conducted that make very strong motivations for showing a positive benefit.

Digging further into the original vaccine safety test data, it appears that the subjects were carefully chosen to skew the results. From this study's criticisms of the original testing, translated from the Hebrew text:

The initial situation for the vaccine-treated vs the unvaccinated control groups differs, meaning that these groups were not randomly chosen from a pool of individuals. Indeed, there are on the first day of vaccination 172 positive COVID-19 cases among the 596618 vaccinated, vs 359 cases, more than twice, among the controls that same day. The probability that this would occur by chance is 1 in 5.813.953.488.372.093, meaning P =1.72x10-16. This means that there is a greater chance to win two consecutive times jackpot at the lottery than to get randomly such a difference between the two groups.

In addition, on that 1st day of vaccination, 52.3% of COVID-19 cases were symptomatic, while these were 63.2% among the unvaccinated COVID-19 cases on that day. The initial state of the hospitalized also differs on that first day of the vaccination process. On that day there were no hospitalizations among the vaccinated vs 6 among the unvaccinated.

What does that mean? This means that the treated group, those vaccinated, were apparently carefully chosen to have half the morbidity than in the unvaccinated group. Or, deciding the results before starting the experiment.

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Last Updated: March 04, 2021