David Martin

32 Minutes

Hidden in Plain Sight
(Butterfly of the Week, 11 Jan 2021)

A discussion of the legal definitions of vaccines and whether the products currently being marketed as such meet this definition.

(Spoiler: They don't. It's better described as gene therapy. It is probably being called a 'vaccine' in order to take advantage of the liability shield that prevents them from being sued for bad outcomes.)

There is a lot of detail here as well as some historical perspectives and legal precedents regarding vaccines, along with a detailed description of the way it is designed to function.

Also it's interesting how the manufacturers' descriptions don't line up with what the CDC says about them and how they're being sold to the public.

He also describes how the research that has been done does not show any protection against contracting a COVID-19 infection, and some research suggests that it's not even a possibility.

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Last Updated: February 23, 2021