Many health professionals and scientists are very alarmed about the current vaccination strategies being promoted. Here are a few, with explanations of their concerns.


Survey of Deaths: A Rasmussen poll finds that nearly one in five people personally knew someone who died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Canadian Doctor Deaths: Dr. Makis of the University of Alberta has been trying to bring attention to the sudden increase in deaths of young doctors since the COVID vaccine rollouts began.
McCullough Issues Warning: The whole COVID 'vaccine' narrative is imploding, and recent information has come to light that suggests that the entire past couple of years has been the result of intentional manipulation.
AIDS: Government data suggest that Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome can develop in as little as four months in patients who receive COVID-19 'vaccine' injections.
A Final Warning: A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon
What is Killing Millenials?: Millenials are dying at alarming rates.
Insurance Reports: Something killed healthy people at an unprecedented rate during 2021, and it wasn't COVID.
Hospital Insights: COVID-19 vaccination information gleaned from hospital statistics and staff observations.
Immune Disruption: Observations, explanations, and questions about how the vaccines will disrupt your immune system.
Shedding and Transmission: There is much evidence now that unvaccinated persons can suffer issues by simply being around people who have had the COVID shots.
The Spike Proteins: Information relating to spike proteins and prions associated with the COVID 'vaccines'.
Graphene: Discussions of evidence indicating the presence of graphene in the COVID 'vaccines'.
Children: Various information about COVID vaccines directed at children.
Women and COVID Shots: Women have been the first to notice large numbers of side effects from the gene therapy shots, particularly related to menstrual dysfunctions.
FDA Failures: The Food and Drug Administration has failed the public by ignoring standard scientific protocols and even its own rules regarding the COVID 'vaccines'.
Ulterior Motives: Making sense of the nonsensical.
DNA Modification: A discussion of research from Harvard and MIT that suggests that coronavirus RNAs might be able to become permanently integrated into a person's DNA.
Employee Replacements may be needed. This is a rather frightening assessment by major employers forecasting their future employee needs.
AstraZeneca acknowledges its covid vaccine can lead to rare blood clots
CDC-Backed Study finds Up To 133 Times Higher Increased Myocarditis Risk: Children aged 12-15 had the highest incidence after their second shot.
Turbo-Cancer: We have a problem. A pathologist from Lunds University in Sweden describes the sudden jump in aggressive cancers she have been seeing since COVID vaccination programs began.

July 22, 2022

"Ethically Unjustifiable": Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus
"Vaccines" Cause More Severe Illness and Death: Discussion of how the injections are killing people.
Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True: COVID mRNA 'vaccination' reduces sperm counts for a few months.
Three New Papers Everyone Should Know About: Steve Kirch cites new research that shows that
  • "The vaccine hasn't saved any lives. Zero."
  • "The vaccines damage our immune system."
  • "The vaccines impair our ability to resist future variants of the virus. The more we vaccinate, the more vulnerable we become."

April 27, 2022

Attorney Thomas Renz: "The Vaccines Are Not Vaccines; They're Bioweapons"
COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns: Sharyl Attkisson's running list of vaccine problems as they are reported.
Post-Vaccine Questions - America's Frontline Doctors answer some questions about what is known about COVID 'vaccine' side effects.
When Accomplished Doctors are Rubbished as Insane: See Growing List of Doctors Against Mandatory Jabs, Dismissed by Mainstream
Sean Brooks (PhD) warns an Ohio school board that the mRNA 'vaccines' will kill people.

See also a subsequent interview where he goes into more detail.

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine - An excellent article by Christian Elliot summarizing the arguments against the vaccines.
Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize Winner, warns that current 'vaccines' facilitate development of deadlier COVID variants (much like Dr. Bossche), and is urging the public to reject the injections.

Army Surgeon Grounds Several Newly Vaccinated Pilots After They Develop Serious Chest Pain

Affidavit of Ltc. Theresa Long M.D. in support of a motion for a preliminary injunction order: Military whistleblower testimony regarding the dangers of allowing pilots to fly post-vaccination.
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