Immune Disruption

There is an increasing suspicion among researchers that the COVID-19 shots are undercutting the immune system, leading to more susceptibility to new and resurgent disease.

These pages detail what is known about these 'vaccines' and how they are likely to trigger known problems such as Immune Escape and Antibody Dependent Enhancement, especially when used in the middle of a pandemic.

See also: Turbo-Cancer


More Cancers: A Yale professor of epidemiology is raising an alarm about unusual cancers appearing in people too young to have them, subsequent to COVID-19 'vaccinations'.
Modified mRNA and Cancer: The developer of mRNA technology explains new research that uncovers the reasons behind the COVID shots resulting in more sickness and cancers.
Triple Vaccinated Results: Triple-vaccinated people may be losing immune system function.
No Vaccines, No Epidemic: Alex Berenson examines the peculiar phenomenon of highly unvaccinated countries faring better than those going all in with the vaccines.
Dr. Bossche is a vaccine researcher who argues that these COVID-19 vaccines should not be used in the middle of this pandemic. He warns that these inoculations will lead to to more serious infections for humanity as a whole via an immunological concept known as Immune Escape.
Del Bigtree explains Dr. Bossche's concerns in his video, A Coming COVID Catastrophe.
Dan Stock Interview: Dr. Stock explains how the 'vaccines' are making people much sicker than they would be without them.
Professor Cahill on how the vaccines may permanently turn your cells into genetically modified organisms, and why there's no way to undo it.
Is the response Worse Than The Disease?
Laboratory Findings: Lab analyses of the blood from patients subsequent to 'vaccination' reveals some interesting findings that should probably raise a few red flags.
Dr. Charles Hoffe talks about the neurological problems he is seeing on his patients after the Moderna shot.
Dr. Tenpenny describes the mechanism of AntibodyDependent Enhancement and the concept of Trojan Horse seeding.

2022 May 13 PubMed

Flare-up of generalized pustular psoriasis following Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
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Updated: July 2, 2024