The Spike Proteins

This is information specific to the spike proteins and prions created by the shots. The mRNA shots are designed (according to the manufacturers) to take over your cells to produce the spike proteins thought to coat the virus particles, presumably to then stimulate your body to creating antibodies.

However, many experts point to a number of problems with this approach, not the least of which is the potential for the spike proteins to overwhelm your system. These proteins have themselves been shown to cause the same damage as has been attributed to the virus, and it is suspected that it's actually the spike proteins, not the virus DNA, that causes the disease and deaths.

For concerns about the spike proteins transferring to other people, see: Shedding and Transmission


It's the Spike Protein: A study from the Salk Institute finds that it's the spike protein causing the disease effects.
Worse Than We Thought: Dr. McCullough relates new findings that suggest that the spike proteins created by the 'vaccines' can do far more damage than we thought.
mRNA at the Cellular Level: In this outstanding animated video, Dr. Charles Hoffe that explains how the mRNA from 'vaccines' affects our bodies at the cellular level.
Spike Protein Deaths Ahead: Dr. Judy Mikovits warns of up to 50 million deaths from spike proteins resulting from the 'vaccines'.
"We made a Big Mistake". An immunologist reports how it's been discovered, too late, that the spike proteins from mRNA vaccines are unexpectedly getting into the bloodstream and causing damage to the brain and cardiovascular system.
Where are the Autopsies? In this presentation at the White Coat Summit, Dr. Ryan Cole asks why there are no investigational studies being done into the thousands of deaths subsequent to COVID-19 'vaccine' injections.
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Warnings The Spike Proteins
Updated: May 21, 2024