Shedding and Transmission

There is much evidence now that unvaccinated persons can suffer issues by simply being around people who have had the COVID shots.


Colorado Study: Evidence of vaccine shedding to children from parents.
Transmission From Shots: A panel discussion by experts who have been investigating the alarming reports of miscarriages, menstrual issues, male fertility dysfunction, and other reproductive problems among unvaccinated individuals who have been around people who have received COVID shots.
The Danger of Shedding: Dr. Lee Merritt discusses the latest information from the FDA on the potential of 'vaccinated' persons spreading harmful agents to children and other untreated individuals.
Self-Spreading Vaccines: Vaccines exist that spread out into the general population from vaccinated individuals to those that never get the shot, much like a common cold or flu might spread.
Stay Away from people who have had the 'vaccine'.
Protocol document from Pfizer Suggests Shedding of the 'vaccine' contents.
Covid 'Vaccinated' People Are a Health Threat to the Unvaxxed: A warning from Dr. Peter McCullough.
Shedding is Not Another Conspiracy: "You have to avoid vaccinated people like the plague, because they are the plague."

I don't know who this gentleman is, but he does a good job of explaining the concepts.

February 10, 2022

Self Spreading Vaccines Pose Multiple Risks to Our Society - Natural News.
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Warnings Shedding and Transmission
Updated: May 21, 2024