Ulterior Motives

While I prefer to deal with hard facts, observable trends, and professional insights, the rabid push for irrational responses to the COVID-19 'pandemic' and zealous suppression of reputable scientific debate leaves us no choice but to only make guesses as to what is behind it all.

On these pages you will find medical professionals and scientists who attempt to piece together the reasons for what we've been seeing over the past couple of years. Some may seem rather unbelievable, but weight that against how well the explanation fits what you've been seeing.

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Vaccine/5G/Nanotech Link: Karen Kingston reports how the patents show the true purpose of the COVID 'vaccines'.
An Extinction Level Event: Doctor Lee Merritt warns that we are involved in an 'extinction level event' mediated by the COVID shots.
Criminal Investigation: An international criminal investigation into the COVID-19 plandemic.
A Criminal Conspiracy: David Martin explains the evidence that shows how the COVID-19 response is 'a criminal conspiracy to harm, maim, and kill humans'.
Targeted Injuries: Evidence that the US government targeted Red states with deadly batches of 'vaccine'.
Premeditated Murder: Dr. Zev Zelenko charges that the COVID-19 vaccines amount to premeditated murder, a genocide of the world population.
David Sorensen from Stop World Control in a very well-done video that will give you a deeper understanding of what may seem like random events in the very unfortunate year of 2020, and what to expect for 2021.
Peter Mccullough: An extremely informative interview with a renowned cardiologist and professor of Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine who is working educate people about the real science versus the psychological manipulation in the era of COVID hysteria.
Dr. Merrit delves into the similarities between the new vaccines and biological warfare, from the perspective of someone who has studied both.
Back in August of 2020, Dr. Patrella tried to warn his countrymen about the coming 'vaccines'.
David Icke suggests a culling of elderly is underway in Murder By Vaccine.
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Updated: May 21, 2024