Autopsies for suspected COVID-19 vaccine injuries have been very slow to be made public. But a few are now starting to show up, if you know where to look. Most are still being suppressed as of this writing.


74 Percent of Deaths: A review of autopsies of persons who died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 'vaccine' finds that 74 percent died from the injection itself.
The Autopsies: Autopsy results are finally becoming available to shed some light on the recent proliferation of 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' cases.
Hard Evidence of Injury: A German autopsy of a vaccine-induced death reveals severe heart and brain injuries.
Autopsies Verify Deaths: Autopsies show heart damage inflicted by the COVID-19 'vaccines', leading to unexpected deaths.
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Posted: July 12, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2024