Government Reports

Government agencies keep track of many statistics, and in many cases are considered the official custodians of such records.

Here are a number of government reports of COVID-related statistics, or from leaks or whistleblowers in such agencies.


New Zealand Data Leaks: A bombshell release of vaccine mortality data from New Zealand.
Cover-Ups: Military flight surgeons are testifying that the Department of Defense is covering up high incidences of injuries that result from the COVID-19 'vaccine'.
400,000 Vaccine Abortions: Defense Department data confirms VAERS indications that the mRNA vaccines are causing miscarriages.
Nearly 50,000 Deaths: Large numbers of 'unvaccinated' Medicare patients are dying, according to this report.
VAERS Data Access: Web sites that facilitate searching for injuries reported as a result of the COVID-19 shots.
Death counts from government reporting systems.
50 Deaths in the U.S. post-vaccination: Sharyl highlights 50 cases of deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System as of January, 2021.
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Injuries Government Reports
Updated: May 21, 2024