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OverviewAn overview of what's contained this COVID-19 information website.
  What's NewThe latest COVID-19 information added to this website.
  Table of ContentsBrowse COVID-19 information, organized by category.
  Summing It UpGeneral thoughts about the COVID-19 situation.
What Doctors SayProfessional views of the COVID-19 hysteria.
  Warnings From DoctorsDoctors are risking everything to warn the public.
  Dr. Peter McCulloughIn this must-watch interview, a renowned cardiac expert takes the gloves off and exposes who's really behind the madness.
  Dr. Robert MaloneJoe Rogan interviews one of the top virologists and vaccine experts in the world about COVID-19 and the vaccines.
  Headwind: Dr. MaloneA very personal glimpse into the struggles and motivations of the developer of mRNA technology.
  Separating Fact From FictionI tend to trust professional scientists and medical researchers over politicians and 'doctors' who make their fortunes by investments and patents instead of treating patients.
  Canadian Doctors Speak OutCanadian doctors explain why you should not be afraid of COVID-19.
  Dr. Ryan ColeDr. Cole gives an update to Idaho lawmakers on the current state of COVID-19 knowledge from a clinician's standpoint.
  87,000 Doctors and NursesA panel of health professionals from around the world voice their objections to the current COVID hysteria being pushed.
  The TruthAn in-depth explanation of what's going on with the Coronavirus, written by a number of Alabama medical doctors.
    COVID-19 Is a Disease
    What We KnowWe actually know quite a bit about the disease.
    InfectiousnessCOVID-19 is not as infectious as people want you to believe.
    How DangerousNot very dangerous except in the elderly and in people who have otherwise serious disease.
    Lack of Symptoms
    Danger to Elderly
    Number of DeathsWe have no way of telling how many deaths are actually from COVID-19.
    Government ResponseThe response is worse than the disease.
    Media CoverageThe media as a whole has grossly misrepresented this disease.
    The NBA
    Headlines are Misleading
    Amazon Benefits
    The Apocalypse
    A CrisisThis is not a medical crisis, but a political crisis.
    Death Counts
    You Should Be Angry!
    Action is Needed
  Safety Is Being IgnoredA renowned epidemiologist exposes the blatant disregard for safety and science in the current COVID-19 vaccines and treatment protocols.
  TreatmentsWhat are practicing physicians finding helpful to quickly resolve COVID-19 infections?
    Dr. Zev ZelenkoDr. Zelenko discusses his early clinical discoveries and subsequent persecution he and other doctors encountered once their findings were made public.
    Ivermectin in JapanThe chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association says that it is time to start including Ivermectin in COVID treatment plans.
IrrationalityThe absurdity of the COVID-19 responses.
  Megyn KellyMegyn summarizes the craziness going on with COVID hysteria, in light of what has long been known about the disease.
  The Lunacy Will EndTucker Carlson chronicles some of the major lies about COVID-19 and the 'vaccines' over the past couple of years, and suggests that people are seeing through them.
  Denying PrescriptionsThere is an obvious conspiracy to block legitimate COVID-19 treatments.
  Dr. Merritt InterviewDr. Lee Merritt addresses how COVID is being used for a type of next generation warfare.
  Deace Interviews ColeThe latest insights about current medical ignorance and loss of critical thinking.
  Warnings from DoctorsMany, many doctors are trying to warn the public about serious problems with the COVID 'vaccines'.
  Antiscience Propaganda'Everything being recommended by the CDC and the State Board of Health is actually contrary to all the rules of science.'
  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Kennedy warns people to avoid the COVID mRNA vaccines.
  Improper InjectionsThe 'vaccines' are being administered improperly, causing seemingly random and severe injuries in people.
The VirusInsights into the existence of and testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  Does The Virus Exist?Many knowledgeable people are suggesting that since no one has actually isolated a COVID-19 virus, the problems being blamed on COVID are actually the result of an influenza.
  No Virus to be FoundNumerous FOIA and similar requests around the world have not produced any evidence of any real isolation of a COVID-19 virus.
  Refutal of VirologyA microbiologists refutes some of the very basic beliefs of virology.
  Pandemic is a FarceAn interview with two prominent medical doctors who expose the fraud behind the whole COVID-19 narrative.
  Virus TestingInsights into viral testing procedures.
    Nasal SwabsThe Untold Truth About Nose Swabs
    Toxic Test KitsThis COVID-19 test kit contains a chemical that could accidentally cause severe injury, even death.
The VaccinesAn examination of the new COVID-19 'vaccines'.
  General InformationOverviews and miscellaneous information about the COVID-19 'vaccines'.
  Vaccine TypesA handy reference to various vaccines being used for COVID-19.
  CorbevaxA patent-free, non mRNA COVID vaccine.
  How the Vaccines OperateThese pages will give you some insight into how the 'vaccines' are supposed to work.
  A Visual Summary of mRNA ShotsHow mRNA shots work, according to the manufacturers. And why they're hurting people.
  Dangerous TherapyMedical researchers discuss new information that explains why mRNA vaccine injuries are happening.
  Dr. Fleming ExplainsA very thorough explanation of COVID immune processes and how the vaccines fit in.
  Kingston Discusses mRNADr. Andrew Kaufman interviews Karen Kingston who understands the history and construction of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections and various components including graphene oxide, hydrogel, and lipid nanoparticles.
  David MartinDavid Martin exposes inconsistencies between the COVID vaccines and how they are being represented to the public.
  Dr. HotzeDr. Hotze explains how the 'vaccine' is not, in fact, a vaccine but a genetic therapy that will not and cannot do what people are promoting it for.
  COVID-19 Vaccine ExposedProject Veritas' undercover investigations and whistleblower interviews regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.
  AstraZeneca LeaksIn a 2020 company-wide Zoom call, Astrazeneca's CEO discusses information that contradicts the official narrative.
  Whistleblower Goes PublicAn inside look at how much evil people will ignore in order to hang on to their jobs.
  Blow DartsFrom Project Veritas, this is a glimpse into the mindset of the FDA through one of its people who is convinced that his prescription for health care trumps each citizen's own rights.
  Children Don't Need ItTwo Johnson & Johnson employees confess that children don't need the COVID vaccine, and it may actually do them harm.
  Your Antibodies Are BetterPfizer scientists acknowledge that natural immunity is more effective that what their vaccine can produce.
  Human Fetal CellsA Pfizer insider explains how the company is telling employees to avoid mentioning the aborted fetus cell lines that were used in the development of their vaccine.
  Batch VariationsNaomi Wolf describes how 'vaccine' batches are mapped to CPT codes, and her work to analyze recent documents released from Pfizer.
  Political AnglesSome of the more obvious politicalizations of the 'vaccines'.
  Vaccine Pitch MeetingHarrison Smith pitches the COVID injections.
  Founders of the PlandemicDr. David Martin exposes the corporations who have been orchestrating the COVID pandemic and its response, and his plan to fight back.
  Vaccine BlackmailA report on some of the outrageous demands Pfizer imposes on governments when negotiating vaccine contracts.
  Dr. GoldThe truth about the COVID-19 Vaccine.
  Zelenko On DepopulationDr. Zev Zelenko explains how the COVID vaccines are worthless for reducing COVID infections, but are a brilliant strategy for reducing the world population.
  Magnetic AttractionA video compilation of magnets sticking to injection sites.
  RegretsThousands on Twitter Say They 'Regret' Getting the Vaccine -- 'Side-Effects Worse than COVID'
  If You've Had the ShotPossible ways to mitigate some of the harmful effects of the COVID shots.
  Blood Clot TestingHow to determine if you are at risk for vaccine-induced blood clots.
  Mitigation TreatmentsPossible ways to negate the harmful effects of the Covid-19 injections.
  ResourcesGeneral resources related COVID issues, mandates, jobs, and other helpful information.
    Dealing With MandatesSome organizations that can help with fighting vaccine mandates.
    Jobs Without JabsJob opportunities that don't require the experimental gene therapy shots.
  WarningsMany health professionals and scientists are very alarmed about the current experimental vaccines.
  Survey of DeathsA Rasmussen poll finds that nearly one in five people personally knew someone who died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  AutopsiesAutopsy results from vaccine injury victims are starting to surface.
  74 Percent of DeathsA review of autopsies of persons who died shortly after receiving a COVID-19 'vaccine' finds that 74 percent died from the injection itself.
  The AutopsiesAutopsy results are finally becoming available to shed some light on the recent proliferation of 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' cases.
  Hard Evidence of InjuryA German autopsy of a vaccine-induced death reveals severe heart and brain injuries.
  Autopsies Verify DeathsA description of a major study of autopsies of people who had died unexpectedly shortly after receiving anti-COVID injections.
  Canadian Doctor DeathsDr. Makis of the University of Alberta has been trying to bring attention to the sudden increase in deaths of young doctors since the COVID vaccine rollouts began.
  McCullough Issues WarningThe whole COVID 'vaccine' narrative is imploding, and recent information has come to light that suggests that the entire past couple of years has been the result of intentional manipulation.
  AIDSGovernment data suggest that Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome can develop in as little as four months in patients who receive COVID-19 'vaccine' injections.
  A Final WarningA Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon
  What is Killing Millenials?Millenials are dying at alarming rates.
  Insurance ReportsSomething killed healthy people at an unprecedented rate during 2021, and it wasn't COVID.
  Hospital InsightsCOVID-19 vaccination information gleaned from hospital statistics and staff observations.
  Front Line ReportsDr. Pierre Kory highlights more reports of severe injuries and deaths linked to the gene therapy injections, as reported by medical professionals and others.
  Paramedics Speak OutParamedic experiences contradict the news narrative surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
  Louisiana RN TestifiesA nurse testifies about COVID 'vaccine' reactions that are 'terrifying and being ignored'.
  Hospital WhistleblowerA riveting interview that exposes cross-purposes between hospital staff and management.
  A Nurse's Report'I've just never seen anything like this in all my years of practicing medicine.'
  Department of DefenseFindings from Project Salus, an AI platform used by the DoD to analyze COVID data for 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries.
  Immune DisruptionObservations, explanations, and questions about how the vaccines will disrupt your immune system.
  More CancersA Yale professor of epidemiology is raising an alarm about unusual cancers appearing in people too young to have them, subsequent to COVID-19 'vaccinations'.
  Modified mRNA and CancerThe developer of mRNA technology explains new research that uncovers the reasons behind the COVID shots resulting in more sickness and cancers.
  Triple Vaccinated ResultsTriple-vaccinated people may be losing immune system function.
  No Vaccines, No EpidemicAlex Berenson examines the peculiar phenomenon of highly unvaccinated countries faring better than those going all in with the vaccines.
  Dr. BosscheDr. Geert Vanden Bossche issues dire warnings about abuse of the new COVID-19 vaccines.
  Del BigtreeUsing a football analogy, Del Bigtree explains how the COVID vaccine would override your natural immunity to prevent it from fighting variants of the original COVID-19 virus.
  Dan Stock InterviewDr. Dan Stock explains how the 'vaccines' are making people much sicker than they would be without them.
  Professor CahillProfessor Cahill discusses research examining the long-term effects of COVID-19-type 'vaccines'.
  Worse Than The DiseaseA very exhaustive work from the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research that examines the Pfizer and Moderna 'vaccine' development, their mechanism of action, and why many unintended consequences can logically be expected.
  Laboratory FindingsLab analyses of the blood from patients subsequent to 'vaccination' reveals some interesting findings that should probably raise a few red flags.
  Lab Changes After the ShotsA pathologist describes the huge jump in certain virus infections and cancers he's been seeing in 2021, and explains how the 'vaccines' may be implicated.
  Vaccine Lab WorkA doctor and his patient decided to do blood workups pre- and post-COVID injections. This video describes the findings.
  Charles HoffeA prominent Canadian physician talks about the neurological problems he is seeing on his patients who have had the Moderna shot.
  Dr. TenpennyDr. Tenpenny warns about the COVID vaccines.
  Shedding and TransmissionThere is much evidence now that unvaccinated persons can suffer issues by simply being around people who have had the COVID shots.
  Colorado StudyEvidence of vaccine shedding to children from parents.
  Transmission From ShotsThis is a panel discussion by experts who have been investigating the alarming reports of miscarriages, menstrual issues, erectile dysfunction, and other reproductive problems among unvaccinated individuals who have been around people who have received COVID vaccines.
  The Danger of SheddingDr. Lee Merritt discusses the latest information from the FDA on the potential of 'vaccinated' persons spreading harmful agents to children and other untreated individuals.
  Self-Spreading VaccinesVaccines exist that spread out into the general population from vaccinated individuals to those that never get the shot, much like a common cold or flu might spread.
  Stay AwayThe dangers of being around 'vaccinated' individuals.
  Pfizer Suggests SheddingA Pfizer testing protocol document suggests that testers must be wary of spreading the contents of the 'vaccine' via their breath or even skin contact.
  The Spike ProteinsInformation relating to spike proteins and prions associated with the COVID 'vaccines'.
  It's the Spike ProteinA study from the Salk Institute finds that it's the spike protein causing the disease effects.
  Worse Than We ThoughtDr. McCullough relates new findings that suggest that the spike proteins created by the 'vaccines' can do far more damage than we thought.
  mRNA at the Cellular LevelIn this outstanding animated video, Dr. Charles Hoffe explains how the mRNA from 'vaccines' affects our bodies at the cellular level.
  Spike Protein Deaths AheadDr. Judy Mikovits warns of up to 50 million deaths from spike proteins resulting from the 'vaccines'.
  Big MistakeA vaccine researcher reports that the spike proteins created by the mRNA shots are unexpectedly entering the bloodstream, wreaking havoc in the brain and cardiovascular system.
  Where are the Autopsies?In this presentation at the White Coat Summit, Dr. Ryan Cole asks why there are no investigational studies being done into the thousands of deaths subsequent to COVID-19 'vaccine' injections.
  GrapheneDiscussions of evidence indicating the presence of graphene in the COVID 'vaccines'.
  Dr. Andreas NoackAn explanation of the findings of Dr Pablo Campra who has determined that graphene hydroxide is present in the 'vaccine' samples he examined.
  ChildrenVarious information about COVID vaccines directed at children.
  More Coffins RequiredA major casket manufacturer is reporting a huge increase in demand for child-sized coffins in recent months.
  Pandemic BabiesNew South Wales has seen a nearly 10-fold increase of so-called 'pandemic babies' being rushed to hospitals.
  Myocarditis RatesWe are being lied to about myocarditis injuries from the 'vaccines'.
  Child Vaccine InjuriesDr. Jane Ruby discusses the latest information on child injuries resulting from the 'vaccines'.
  Children's Defense NetworkThe CDN protests the deployment of COVID vaccines in Europe.
  Women and COVID ShotsWomen have been the first to notice large numbers of side effects from the gene therapy shots, particularly related to menstrual dysfunctions.
  Medical Association CorruptionA prominent OB/GYN specialist reveals the money trail that led medical organizations to push the COVID-19 shots with no scientific justification.
  The Real War On WomenEven the New York Times is starting to report (2 years late) the injuries caused by the COVID 'vaccines'.
  Baby Die-OffsSeven major headlines that should be plastered across the news media as a result of recent revelations.
  Pregnancy WarningNew information has been uncovered that Pfizer did no safety testing in human females who were pregnant or breastfeeding.
  It's All NormalThere is an ongoing disinformation campaign to convince women to not pay attention to symptoms they experience after receiving the COVID shots.
  FDA FailuresThe Food and Drug Administration has failed the public by ignoring standard scientific protocols and even its own rules regarding the COVID 'vaccines'.
  FDA and Pfizer CollusionThe FDA appeared to ignore its usual procedures and safeguards when granting approval for the Pfizer vaccine.
  FDA Alerted in 2020The FDA knew what injuries to expect from the 'vaccines'. Nearly every one you've heard about is on this list.
  FDA Hearing'I am going to focus my remarks today with the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about, that the vaccines kill more people than they save.'
  Ulterior MotivesMaking sense of the nonsensical.
  Vaccine/5G/Nanotech LinkKaren Kingston reports how the patents show the true purpose of the COVID 'vaccines'.
  A Extinction Level EventDoctor Lee Merritt warns that we are involved in an 'extinction level event' mediated by the COVID shots.
  Criminal InvestigationDr. Reiner Fuellmich and associates are conducting a criminal grand jury investigation into the handling of the COVID-19 plandemic.
  A Criminal ConspiracyDavid Martin explains the evidence that shows how the COVID-19 response is 'a criminal conspiracy to harm, maim, and kill humans'.
  Targeted InjuriesEvidence that the US government targeted Red states with deadly batches of 'vaccine'.
  Premeditated MurderDr. Zev Zelenko charges that the COVID-19 vaccines amount to premeditated murder, a genocide of the world population.
  Stop World ControlThis is a very well-done video that will give you a deeper understanding of what may seem like random events in the very unfortunate year of 2020, and what to expect for 2021.
  Peter McculloughAn extremely informative interview with a renowned cardiologist and professor of Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine who is working educate people about the real science versus the psychological manipulation in the era of COVID hysteria.
  Dr. MerritBio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid
  Dr. PatrellaDr. Roberto Patrella warns that the COVID 'vaccines' are a depopulation tool.
  Murder By VaccineDavid Icke with an update on the number of elderly who have been dying soon after getting the shot, and his reasons for suspecting it is a 'culling of old people'.
  DNA ModificationA discussion of research from Harvard and MIT that suggests that coronavirus RNAs might be able to become permanently integrated into a person's DNA.
  Employee ReplacementsA warning that large companies are anticipating having to replace 'vaccinated' employees.
  InjuriesA few notable effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.
    Pfizer Injury ReportsInformation from the European Union's drug regulator shows that Pfizer was aware of widespread injuries resulting from its COVID shots.
    Dowd ReportFor every $1 the pharmaceutical companies took in for their vaccines, the cost to the U.S. economy has been $13.
    Emma's StoryHow her life was destroyed by doing what she thought was her duty to protect herself and others.
    Myocarditis in Children664 Reports of Myocarditis in 5- to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots
    Vaccine Injury HearingSenator Ron Johnson's expert panel hearing on vaccine injuries and mandates.
    Collapsing On-Air'Every day we're getting a new video of people collapsing live, on-air, in front of the camera. Usually while they're promoting the vaccine.'
    Athlete DeathsAn ongoing list of athletes who have been injured or died subsequent to receiving a COVID shot.
    Doctor DeathsA list of doctors who have died shortly after getting COVID 'vaccine' injections.
    Batch Codes and ToxicityAn analysis of vaccine injuries by vaccine batch codes.
    Senate TestimoniesBen Swann shows excerpts from Senate hearings of people suffering from severe reactions to the COVID vaccines.
    Government ReportsCOVID-related statistics from government agencies, as well as leaks and whistleblower reports from such agencies.
    New Zealand Data LeaksA bombshell release of vaccine mortality data from New Zealand.
    Cover-UpsMilitary flight surgeons are testifying that the Department of Defense is covering up high incidences of injuries that result from the COVID-19 'vaccine'.
    400,000 Vaccine AbortionsDefense Department data confirms VAERS indications that the mRNA vaccines are causing miscarriages.
    Nearly 50,000 DeathsLarge numbers of 'unvaccinated' Medicare patients are dying, according to this report.
    VAERS Data AccessA simplified way to search VAERS data for injuries reported after COVID-19 shots.
    Death CountsGovernment statistics suggest increase deaths after COVID-19 'vaccination'.
    50 DeathsSharyl Atkisson reports on 50 deaths that occurred after COVID-19 shots.
    Frontline TestimoniesIt is everyone's right to review the first-hand testimonies of the COVID vaccine adverse reactions without censorship by the news media (or social media).
    Injuries EverywhereDr. Gold relates how doctors she meets everywhere are telling her that the serious problems they see are not from the COVID virus, but from the 'vaccine'.
    A Mortician's PerspectiveA Funeral Director exposes the fraud and conspiracies surrounding the COVID-19 madness.
    Post-COVID VaccinationSharyl Attkisson investigates cases of elderly persons who had recovered from COVID-19, but died after a subsequent vaccination.
    Other Sad StoriesThere are thousands of COVID shot injury stories like these. I've picked a few at random to give folks an idea of what is happening.
    ThrombocytopeniaThrombocytopenia is being reported as a side-effect of the COVID-19 vaccination.
ResearchVarious reasearch involving COVID-19 and associated spike proteins.
  Pfizer FraudPfizer almost certainly committed fraud in their clinical test data reports to the FDA.
  Vaccine EpidemiologyResearch that investigates the effects of the COVID 'vaccines' across large populations.
  Massive GCoVS StudyA study of 99 million patients who received the COVID-19 shots verifies the suspected damage that the 'vaccines' are causing.
  Military StudyMilitary doctors found an alarming increase in certain diseases after COVID shots began.
  A Dangerous MomentAlex Berenson warns that the latest data coming in from around the world suggest that the mRNA 'vaccines' should be pulled from the market.
  English DataOfficial data from the British government shows that adults under the age of 60 who get the 'vaccine' double their chance of dying.
  Deaths Before and AfterA collection of rather startling graphs from countries around the world that show surges of deaths soon after COVID vaccination programs began.
  Massive CollectionA huge collection of COVID-19 related resources.
  Specific Vaccine DamageHow the COVID vaccines damage specific body components.
  Prion DiseaseAggressive prion disease has been linked to the spike proteins present in the four major COVID-19 'vaccines'.
  Turbo-CancerNew research Suggests that COVID-19 shots are inducing 'Turbo Cancers'.
  Multiple SclerosisA paper from the World Health Organization describes how spike proteins created by the mRNA shots can induce Multiple Sclerosis.
  Myocarditis After One YearRenowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough explains the mechanism we've learned from recent research about how spike proteins cause potentially deadly myocarditis in patients up to one year (or maybe more) after inoculation.
  One Thousand StudiesLinks to over one thousand research studies detailing some of the severe damage caused by the COVID-19 'vaccines'.
  Foreign Structures in BloodMike Adams discusses the investigations he and others have been doing into a strange and very alarming phenomenon encountered by embalmers.
  Radio Wave InfluenceImages of microscopic structures that have formed in response to WiFi radiation from COVID 'vaccine' samples.
  Heart Risk WarningRecent findings of cardiovascular injury from mRNA 'vaccines'.
  DNA Repair SuppressionResearchers have discovered that the spike proteins created by the COVID 'vaccines' cripple your body's ability to repair damaged DNA.
  How the Blood is AffectedA video showing how the Pfizer vaccine quickly interacts with blood cells to destroy their oxygen carrying capabilities and form clots.
  Blood-Brain BarrierResearch suggests that neurological damage can result from COVID spike proteins.
  Vaccine ContaminantsVarious scientists describe unidentifiable 'contaminants' found in the COVID 'vaccines'.
  The Spartacus LetterAn extremely well thought-out and referenced investigation of the COVID-19 disease, treatments, vaccines, and related social issues.
  Vaccinating ChildrenA paper from the journal 'Toxicology Reports' that questions the sanity of giving COVID-19 'vaccinations' to children.
  British ChildrenBritain's Offices for National Statistics has released data that shows death rates for children as much as 52 times higher after receiving COVID shots.
  Face MasksIf you look at the actual science, you will find that masks are not only useless, they are worse than useless.
  Israeli Senior DeathsAn analysis of elderly in Israel suggests very high death rates from Pfizer's mRNA vaccinations.
  Natural ImmunityHow natural immunity is better than vaccination.
  Johns Hopkins StudyThis study found that natural COVID immunity lasts at least 650 days, with no noticeable decline.
  Israeli Study on ImmunityA very large Israeli study finds that natural immunity offers far more protection from COVID disease than the 'vaccines'.
  81 Research StudiesA list of some of the most robust scientific studies that show the superiority of natural immunity over anything induced by COVID vaccines.
  TreatmentsResearch involving various ways to treat COVID-19 and related conditions.
  IvermectinResearch investigating the efficacy of Ivermectin for COVID-19 infections.
  HydroxychloroquineFauci approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 years ago to cure coronaviruses; 'Nobody Needed to Die'.
  Faulty ResearchA researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer's vaccine trial.
Pandemic OriginsFollowing the clues to the source of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  Redfield TestimonyFormer CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield testifies to congress about how science was pushed aside in favor of politics during the early days of the COVID pandemic.
  Watch the WaterDr. Bryan Ardis traces the events that led him to reach a totally different conclusion about what has been going on with COVID-19.
  Crimes or Cover-Up?Glenn Beck goes deep into the corruption, treachery, and reasons behind the whole COVID-19 scam.
  Moderna/NIAID PartnershipGlenn Beck reports on his investigation into a secret government partnership with Moderna and the Wuhan Lab.
  Patent EvidenceThe NIAID has a history of funding research that leads to biological patents filed just ahead of when the related disease outbreaks occur.
  Google Funded WuhanEvidence of Google's involvement along with Peter Dazak in the Wuhan Virus Research. Also, what's new in Human Engineering.
  Anthony FauciDr. Peter Navarro explains how Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Created This Pandemic'.
Social EngineeringThe clever manipulation of the natural human tendency to trust!
  Bribing Doctors to Push ShotsDr. Peter McCullough explains how doctors were given major cash incentives to inject their patients with the COVID-19 shots.
  Vaccinations Via FoodMessenger RNA will undoubtedly be added to many foods soon (if not already) to bypass the need for injections into the human population.
  Vaccines From Your FoodIt will soon be nearly impossible to avoid foods that can change your DNA.
  MRNA From MilkThe push to distribute mRNA genetic therapies via the food supply.
  WHO ControlTucker Carlson reports on the imminent takeover of U.S. health policy by the World Health Organization.
  The CDCSome not-well-understood aspects of the CDC's connections and fundings.
  Social Credit SystemVaccine mandates are the first stage of implemention of a worldwide Chinese-style social credit system.
  Global SurveillanceA look at how the COVID vaccines are being used to usher in an era of global surveillance and loss of freedoms for the world population.
  Masking For MoneySchool districts make big bucks by imposing dangerous and nonsensical mandates on their students.
  The Grand DesignTheories of the origins and ultimate destination of the ongoing social restructurings.
  Interview With Naomi WolfDr. Wolf breaks her team's latest groundbreaking revelations about the Covid jab and what it means for the future of humanity.
  It's Not OverThe changes brought about by the COVID-19 responses are just a small part of an overall plan, which is proceeding steadily.
  COVID RevealedCOVID Revealed part 8: Educated insights into the seeming insanity of the COVID responses.
  Life InsurersDr. David Martin summarizes his decades of research to point out how life insurers have been manipulating our lives for a very long time.
  The Answer, LiveIn this presentation recorded live in September 2020, David Icke answers the question 'What the Hell is going on?'
  The PlanThe COVID pandemic and response was openly planned for years ahead of time.
  The Global EnigmaAn interview with David Icke on his take on the COVID-19 hysteria.
  Icke/Rose InterviewMore than you wanted to know about the COVID-19 situation.
  The Narrative is CrumblingA fast-moving video of some of the major scientists and health professionals who have been exposing the fraud behind the COVID-19 narrative.
  Whom Do You Trust?A comparison of COVID-19 hype versus science.
  MasksWhat science says about face masks.
  How to Protect YourselfThe contradiction in what's being said about protecting yourself from COVID-19.
  The ElderlyHow the elderly were put into harms way by policies and actions during the COVID hysteria.
  Lock DownsThe fallacy of the lockdown mentality for COVID-19 mitigation.
  TestingThe COVID-19 testing hoax.
  DiscussionDisagreement with the 'official' narrative is not allowed.
  Plandemic 2The sequel to the Plandemic documentary, focusing on the steps taken to indoctrinate the population.
  Downplaying the 'Vaccine'David Icke predicts a resurgence of lockdowns in the near future as a 3rd wave of Coronavirus rises.
  Tucker and Naomi AgreeTucker Carlson and Naomi Wolf are both alarmed at the rise of 'autocratic tyrants' in the U.S.A.
  You Are Being PlayedDr. Scott Jensen explains how you are 'being played'.
  Cover-upsKeeping information about COVID and the 'vaccines' away from the public eye.
    30 Percent PlacebosA study from Denmark suggests that a large percentage of Pfizer vaccines were merely placebos.
    Hiding the Death CountsYou can't trust the numbers you hear regarding vaccinated versus unvaccinated hospitalizations and deaths.
    Fact Check: Hank AaronHow the Media Lie with Impunity
    Placebo VaccinationsA nurse from Slovenia contends that some of the 'vaccines' in use are placebos, reserved for powerful people during public inoculations.
Civil LibertiesFreedom and legal issues relating to the COVID hysteria.
  CDC Trampling RightsThe CDC concedes it does not have proof of a single instance of a naturally immune individual spreading the virus.
  EU Official Slams MandatesA member of the European Parliament slams COVID vaccine mandates in this rousing speech.
  $500 Trillion LawsuitAn ambitious lawsuit that Friends of the Original Constitution is bringing against a huge number of individuals and organizations.
  Naomi WolfNaomi Wolf, a very well-known liberal activist Democrat, is spot on with probably one of the most important warnings of our time.
  Israeli ExperimentAn Israeli describes how her government is forcing her people to participate in the COVID-19 experimentations.
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