Modified mRNA and Cancer

The Modified mRNA Cancer Link Explained

51 Minutes

Dr. R.W. Malone, the person most responsible for the development of the mRNA technology used in the latest 'vaccines' (starting with the COVID-19 genetic therapy), explains new research that uncovers why we are seeing people who have had the shots and boosters are losing their immune function, resulting in increased sickness over time and the development of highly aggressive cancers. (See: Turbo-Cancers)

He discusses how the modified messenger RNA used in these therapies has been modified to persist in the body for weeks or months instead of the normal minutes or hours, and the research that shows that they will suppress the immune system.

The details get a little technical, but he does his best to also simplify the explanations for those not familiar with immunology.

In the latter portion of this interview, Dr. Malone discusses his experience with a COVID-19 infection, symptoms of Long COVID, and his subsequent decision to try the 'vaccine', which he regrets to this day because of the severe, permanent damage it caused him. Not to mention that we now know that rather than speeding recovery from Long COVID, the shots actually extend the disease by at least a year.

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Posted: May 9, 2024
Updated: May 21, 2024