Pfizer Injury Reports


Daniel Horowitz reports on the release of documents requested by the European Union's drug regulator that reveal Pfizer's knowledge of nearly 1.6 million adverse events resulting from their COVID 'vaccine', involving more that 10,000 categories of injury types.

One third of these were serious. Most of the issues may still be unresolved.

The resulting conditions, many of them normally rare, include hundreds of different vascular and nervous system disorders, over 100 types of eye problems, thousands of ear, skin, and respiratory disorders. Also reported was a large number of female reproductive and breast problems, as well as erectile dysfunction in men.

There were tumors, heart damage and functional disorders, blood and lymphatic damage documented.

The sheer number of normally rare conditions that appeared after the shots would normally be sufficient to cause widespread concern.

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Posted: June 20, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2024